Product Review: Awning Mat by Fireside Patio Mats


For parks that allow them, a good patio/awning mat can help tidy up your campsite, keep your camper cleaner and provide a decent surface with which to be on the ground (and with a 2 year old, we’re down there OFTEN!). Like most new RVers, I started with a cheap outdoor rug from Walmart/Home Depot/insert random place here. It wasn’t as big as I would have liked (we have a 21′ awning) and when it got wet, it stayed wet. All told, it served its purpose- a cheap rug. But, I knew there had to be a better option…

In full disclosure, I received my awning mat and the accompanying bag for free from the manufacturer with the request, “If you like it, tell your friends.”. At the time, the offer-er likely didn’t know that I had this blog and didn’t know that I would be blogging about it. Being free doesn’t sway my opinion- I do like the mat. But, take this review with this disclosure.

Longest Story Shortest – I Like the Mat

Fireside awning mat
Fireside awning mat

This awning mat is nicer than the outdoor rug in that it doesn’t hold water and dirt brushes off (well brooms off) easier. We got their largest size at 18′ x 9′ and it very nicely reaches between our two doors and covers the area where the table goes.

The carry bag was unexpected but quite handy. It’s a decent sized bag that zippers on one end. There is a pocket for tent stakes. It’s big enough for the mat to go in pretty easily- though next time I’ll do a nicer job folding the mat up first to simplify my life some.

Improving the Mat

Corner tie down for Fireside awning mat
Corner tie down for Fireside awning mat

My one major suggestion for improving the mat would be either grommets or a couple of more tie down points. At 18′ x 9′, I would have liked to stake it down more than just at the corners. However, the wind raged one day of this trip (like the 3pm-4pm hour had 35mph winds with gusts to 42mph per the weather history). One corner did come up, but that’s more of a failure of my tent stake than the awning mat. It didn’t cause any problems, though.

The Bad of the Mat

The worst is for people who are looking for “Made in the USA”, this is stamped – “Made in China”.

I also had an idiot duh-moment with the mat. I knelt down after a day of rain and was surprised that my knee got wet instantly. Since water can drain through the mat, it obviously can come back up from wet ground. There’s no awning mat that will prevent that.

And, given its size difference to my much smaller outdoor rug, this is quite a bit bulkier in our basement storage. My outdoor rug would fold and roll up so that I could put it into a 5 gallon bucket.

Where to Buy?

You can buy these directly from Fireside through their retail web site, and I’ve also seen them on Amazon.



  1. Luck and timing, mostly. The manufacturer posted on the Forest River Forums offering a mat to an individual who had asked about mats. I swapped PMs with the manufacturer (moderator duties on the forum) and he made the same offer to me. A couple of weeks later, the mat and bag showed up at my door.

  2. I've long said, these kinds of deals never fall into my lap. Apparently a blind squirrel does get the nut occasionally. 🙂

    As for any other manufacturers who wants me to review stuff- PLEASE EMAIL ME! (smile)


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