Beddy’s: Easy Bedding for your RV

Kids Beds in the Toyhauler Garage

One place that RVs suffer the same hassle and fate as regular homes is in the making of bunk beds. In our old bunkhouse camper (Sabre 36QBOK), the beds were only open on a single side. In our toyhauler (Spartan 1245), they’re up a ladder on a lift. And there are other RV models where the bunks are only open at the head of the bed or up in a loft that no reasonably sized adult can get into.

In fact, we simply ruled out campers that didn’t have decent access to the bunks because we knew my then 5-year-old daughter (who is now 14!) wouldn’t make the beds and she said she didn’t want to sleep in a sleeping bag.

The Struggle is Real

Beds Up a Ladder on a Lift in a toy hauler
Bed up a ladder on a lift

In our toyhauler, the beds are up a ladder and on a lift. To have headroom in the room below, we keep it fairly high up. To compound the situation, we have an air conditioner up there that decreases headroom by another couple of inches (which my daughter would regularly clock herself on!).

No lie, each night my kids would argue with each other as to who had to go up to make the beds for the night. Or they would bargain with me to try to get me up there to make the beds. Worse, they somehow convinced a friend to do it!

Enter Beddy’s (“bed ease“, get it?)!

Beddy’s are fitted at the bottom to grab the mattress like a fitted sheet. Above that, the  “minky” (aka soft sheet) and comforter are sewn together at the bottom with zippers that run the length of either side of the top layers. Basically imagine a fancy sleeping bag with a fitted bottom to grab a mattress. Check their site for more information.

Disclaimer: I received a discount on the Beddy’s in exchange for a review and social media ad/posts.

In theory, they’re a great concept. Tidy all-together package that is quick and easy to make the bed. In reality, other than my 6-year-old son occasionally catching the zipper with some of the fabric layers he really can make it by himself.

He is able to make his bed quickly each morning and it’s ready each night. LOL! Please don’t believe that lie– he does it when he’s told to or when he’s readying his bed at night for sleep. But, big sister doesn’t have to do it for him any longer and even better, she’s stopped knocking her head on the air conditioner.

Other Benefit – the initial making of beds

In our bunkhouse, the bunks were more traditional bunk beds where it was enclosed on 3 sides and open to the front. I would pull the excess sheets/blankets under the mattress which would keep the sheet and comforter from falling to the floor. At least until the kids somehow would work all 2′ of it out from under them. Either ending up super messy looking or them losing the blanket in the night.

When I would make those beds, I would have to do each layer individually.

The easiest part was the fitted sheet. I’d slap it over each corner easy peasy.

The fun comes next with the flat sheet and each layer after that. That involved pulling the mattress ½ out, laying the sheet on top of it with the excess sheet off the back, and then reaching under it and pulling the sheet forward so it ended up under the mattress. (Wow, that’s confusing to write and read- basically, it was a challenge!)

I would repeat the flat-sheet process with whatever fleece blanket my little cold-blooded reptilian kids would have at the time.

And then repeat it one last time with the comforter.

Times 2 beds.

Seriously, bed making day was a dang upper body workout!

With the Beddy’s, it would have been made significantly easier with all parts of the sheets and blankets being connected. One and done step vs. four! And since it goes on like a fitted sheet, there’s no blankets to lose to the floor nor do you have to worry about the excess.

They Look Great

The kids LOVE the look. My daughter especially enjoyed spending time browsing the Beddy’s website for the perfect design for her space. Especially for us and living in our camper, being able to add her own artistic/interior-decorator flair with the Sketched design to her space was important to her. My son just thinks his New York, New York design is cool!

The Buddy's Sketched design
The Beddy’s Sketched design

They come with a matching pillowcase and sham to keep the whole look coordinated. My wife also found a couple of accent pillows to go with them and it really looks nice up in the kid’s bed area.

Nothing is Perfect

Beddy's can look a little frumpy without a tall mattress
Beddy’s can look a little frumpy without a tall mattress

As with any product, there are a couple of negatives. First problem is probably the biggest for RVers who have what manufacturers call bunk “mattresses” … you know, that flimsy 2 ¼” piece of bed material we subject our kids to? I can’t imagine it’s going to hold onto the Beddy’s very well.  In the old camper, we added 4″ high quality foam to the mattresses; mostly for the comfort of adults sleeping back there but it also would have given the Beddy’s a thin but decent depth mattress to grab onto.  In the new rig, we bought real mattresses while we were remodeling the toyhauler garage.

UPDATE to the above: I was speaking with another Beddy’s + RV owner and they said that with simple mattress clips, the Beddy’s stay on nice.

When we shopped for mattresses, we picked the thinnest but still comfortable mattresses we could find since we are so height constrained. The look of the Beddy’s just doesn’t quite appear to be “filled out” as if you had a taller mattress. But, that’s life in an RV!

He couldn’t get his leg out, but whole body is no problem!

Secondly, I mentioned it above, but my 6-year-old isn’t cautious or very focused when he does things. A couple of times now, he has caught the fabric in the zipper while closing the Beddy’s. Sister comes to the rescue but I do worry about the fabric and zipper holding up the abuse. 6-year-olds are just hard on stuff!

The next issue seems like it would be easily mitigated by my son simply not zipping himself in at night, but as we talked about his likes and dislikes, he said that he doesn’t like that he can’t hang his leg out the side. I told him to unzip, but I think he likes the cool factor of it being like a sleeping bag!

She seriously used a rug as a heavier blanket

Thirdly, as I mentioned, my kids are reptilian and have an air conditioner barely 2′ above their heads blasting cold air when it’s on. They both sleep with fleece blankets to combat it. But my daughter has mentioned that she wishes the Beddy’s comforter was just slightly heavier and weighed down on her a little. We literally found her one night with my son’s car track rug on top of her!

Finally, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the price. Before we moved into our rig and started living on the road, my two biggest priorities for picking bedding for the kids was A) is it cute? and B) is it inexpensive? It would take a lot for me to consider Beddy’s at the price they are. BUT, read on for my (spoiler alert) buy recommendation!


The positives of it not being an arm workout to put the Beddy’s on initially and that the kids can each easily make their own beds definitely outweighs the couple of cons and the cost.

The quality is great. We’ve used the Beddy’s nightly for 2 months now and they continue to hold up well.

Additionally, they haven’t slipped off the mattresses and most importantly, I haven’t heard squabbling over who is going to make the beds, nor have I been propositioned to go up there and do it.

They’re expensive no doubt but I do suggest them for folks who are looking at excellent and easy bedding for their kids (or themselves!).

Beddy's New York, New York design
Beddy’s New York, New York design
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  1. Looking for two bags for our Class B motorhome. Sleeping arrangements are twin bed but of course they are not a full twin bed size. Do you make such a bag? Is so, approximate cost? How quickly would I be able to get it.

    • Unfortunately, we’re just users of the Beddy’s products. I don’t have any sway in what they will and won’t make. I do know that a lot of RVers just simply tuck the excess under the mattress and maybe use the mattress straps to hold them neatly in place.


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