Camping Themed Birthday Cake – Roo 233S


On the Forest River Forums, there was a post about a Roo 233S Birthday Cake that was simply fantastic. It was posted by user FourWheelers and was created by his wife. In a first ever for LearnToRV, I performed an interview via private messages about the cake, it’s creation and (most importantly) where I can get one?! (Folks in Ocean County, NJ – you’re in luck.)

Q: Who was the lucky birthday recipient? And how old are they?

The cake was made for my husband John. He turned a young 48 years old this year.

Q: What kind of cake is inside?

Roo Birthday Cake - Cut
Chocolate, vanilla cake with custard, fresh strawberries and banana

John requested one layer of chocolate, one layer of vanilla cake with custard, fresh strawberries and banana for the filling.

Q: Is the icing flavored?

The icing is home made vanilla butter cream.

Q: Is the camper a little block of cake with icing around it?

The camper is carved cereal treat covered in fondant.

Q: What is fondant and what is icing for the camper decorations?

I used home made marshmallow fondant which is an edible and pliable material with the consistency of silly putty.

Roo Birthday Cake

The camper decorations were all hand painted with food coloring and fondant accessories.

Q: How did you make the trees?

The trees are butter cream covered ice cream cones.

Q: Can you describe the water and creek bank/sand?

The water is home made gel icing and the creek bank sand is crushed graham crackers. (Yum!)

Q: Are they actual stones?

No they are not real stones. The stones are made from fondant.

Q: The pictures of the fire lit up are pretty awesome. What were you using for that?

Thank you! The campfire is actual birthday candles surrounded by fondant logs arranged to look like a campfire.

Roo Birthday Cake

Q: Are you taking orders?

Yes I am. Right now I bake for a small diner, family and friends. I also bake cookies, cakes and pies. Orders would have to be local since shipping is an issue with cakes.

If you would like to contact Laura, she can be reached via email at LWDIS -at- (trying to protect her from spam bots picking up her posted email address).


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