Thousand Trails Orlando – camping near Disney

We have stayed at Thousand Trails Orlando (or TTO, as the cool kids call it), just outside of Disney World a handful of times...

Gettysburg Farm, Dover, PA

We have stayed at Gettysburg Farms a few times now because it's the closest Thousand Trails campground near us and much of my family...

Kenisee Lake, Jefferson, OH

We visited the Thousand Trails park, Kenisee Lake in Jefferson, OH over July 4th of this year. It held quite a portion of our...

Hershey Highmeadows Campground, Hershey PA

First, let me open with- I've never stayed at Hershey Highmeadow Campground aka Hersheypark Camping Resort. This review is being written totally off of...

Circle M Outdoor World (Thousand Trails), Millersville, PA

Circle M was our very first introduction to the Outdoor World and Thousand Trails campgrounds. It also just so happens to be the closest...
I75 RV Park in Tifton, GA

I-75 RV Park, Tifton, GA

We were traveling between Orlando, FL and Atlanta, GA. We didn't want to make it in one haul as we had my mother-in-law in...

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RV boondocking/parked on the California coast overlooking the ocean and says "What does fulltiming cost?"

How Much Does Fulltiming Cost?

I've answered this question at least 3 times this week. The problem is, it's an impossible question and here's why:
Kid's bedroom in the garage of a toy hauler camper

Remodeled Toy Hauler Garage as Kids’ Bedroom

Toy haulers are pretty common in the Fulltime Families world and for good reason. You often get higher cargo carrying capacities and...
Truck and camper at sunset on BLM land

Boondocking & CPAP/Bipap Machines

I'm a 10+ year user of my CPAP machine (well, now a BiPAP machine). I can honestly say that without it I'd...