Learn To RV Community

Lately we’ve been branching out from just the website and our social media accounts and have been working to setup the proverbial online campfire. We’ve been working hard establishing communities to help reach and help more people.

Facebook Discussion Group

  • Learn to RV, The Friendly Informative RVing Group – where “be kind” is rule #1. This Facebook group was born out of the necessity for a friendly place where snarkiness and meanness aren’t welcome. Join us to learn more about RVing and to help folks if you’re a seasoned RVer and anything in between.


  • r/LearnToRV – recognizing that not everyone is plugged into the Facebook universe, we’ve created our own Subreddit. Again, you’re welcome to come join the discussion!

Social Media

As well, can be found on each of the major social media platforms with active accounts. Tips, tricks, information, and funnies are shared nearly daily. Each account often garners good discussions with some of the best comments coming from followers like you.


More search engine than social media, we’re also on Pinterest sharing our favorite pins.

Bicycling Club on Strava

I’ve created a new “RVing Bikers” club on Strava. Come share favorite routes and rides!

Sister Sites

Not only does this LearnToRV.com site exist, there’s also a couple of adjust sister sites all under the LearnToRV umbrella.

  • RVTripMakers.com – we are your RV trip planners! Planning an RV trip can be overwhelming. There are lots of factors to consider, and with RVing becoming more and more popular, snagging the spots you want can be a bit tricky. Fortunately, we’re here to help as your RV travel planners! Choose your own RV adventure and let us help you plan the most fantastic RV trip!
  • TowingPlanner.com – with estimators and calculators to help with figuring out towing weights and what’s applicable for your tow vehicle.