Campsite Doggy Etiquette

2 dogs at a campground's campsite

I’m not a dog owner. In fact truth be told, I’m not even a huge fan of dogs. I had one growing up and even had one as an adult. I just don’t have that gene that looks at animals more than simply being a meal in the right situation. However, I’m also not anti-dog (or cat or hamster or guinea pig or heck, full size pig). I know lots of people love their pets. And that’s even a large reason why many people start RVing, so they can take Fluffy McCuteface away with them.

So, how do you be a good neighbor when you have a pet?

Resting Pooch
What a cutie, just hanging out in the camper.


If a dog is constantly barking, it becomes annoying. A couple of barks here or there is fine; campgrounds and RV parks are busy places and all new sights and sounds for the pup.

Dogs that run to the edge of the site to bark at me (especially if we are neighbors and I need to get to the backside of my RV) are also a nuisance.

It’s not a bad idea to ask your neighbors how your dog was while you were away. You might be surprised.


One thing worse than a barking dog are the yellers. The folks that constantly yell at their dogs. I know people who haven’t ever done a good job of training their dogs and I swear they yell more than the dog barks.

Train the animal (and yourself!) so you don’t have to scream at them.


Please leash your dog.

Allie (dog) on a leash at the campsite
Allie loves camping!

Please make sure your leash is shorter than your campsite is- and that includes the dog going under your trailer to the backside of your site. No one wants presents under their camper left because the leash was a little too long.

The Stinky Stuff

When it poos, pick it up promptly. No one wants the odor of your dog’s mess to float by.

Or worse, leaving it there for the next campsite occupant; I just had that happen a couple of weeks ago.


Silly Big Al, hanging out upside down
Big Al is so silly!

Lastly, when you take them for walks, please make sure the people you come across want the dog to approach them. I’ve been jumped on and rubbed up against. I really have no interest in petting or conversing with Poochy McSlobberface even if he/she “really loves meeting people”.


Oh, and frankly- these are all of the same rules I have for my kids. (smiley!)


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