Fixing That Crappy Bed – Mattress Topper


Like most RVers, we have had marginal success with the comfort level of the mattress that came with our camper. We even paid for an upgraded mattress when we ordered the camper from the factory, but still ended up sore and unpleasant in the mornings.

Fortunately, it was Kohl’s to the rescue. My wife had some money in “Kohl’s Cash” and as usual, Kohl’s was running a sale on the items that we just so happened to want. We picked up a 4″ Memory Foam with Pillow Top Mattress Topper and haven’t looked back. We literally sleep better in the camper than we do on our expensive Kingsdown mattress.

Here are pictures of the box of the topper that we bought:

Mattress Topper - 1

Mattress Topper - 2


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