Getting Weighed #3 – Trailer Axle Weights


This is part of a series on getting my truck and camper weighed. The truck is a 2012 Dodge Ram 3500 Dually/Crew Cab/Long Bed/4.10 gears and the camper is a 2013 Palomino Sabre 36QBOK-7.

The first weighing told me that I was under my truck’s ratings. The second weighing told me that I was under my camper’s ratings. It seems like everything that I wanted/need to know- right? Well, there was one last thing that I wanted to accomplish and that was to verify each axle’s weight. You want the weight to each axle to be as close as possible. If you don’t, you can get premature wear on one tire or another.

I did this third weighing with my wife spotting me so that the axles split two of the platforms. If I recall correctly, my truck was sort on and sort of off the first platform but it didn’t matter as long as it didn’t share a platform with the front axle.

My camper came with the Trailair EQUA-FLEX suspension upgrade. As expected, the weights on each axle were pretty close to the same:

Weighing 3 - Trailer Axles
Weigh #3 – Trailer Axles

This also tells me that I’m within my 7,000 pound axle ratings with room to grow.

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