Getting Weighed – Quick Recap


This is part of a series on getting my truck and camper weighed. The truck is a 2012 Dodge Ram 3500 Dually/Crew Cab/Long Bed/4.10 gears and the camper is a 2013 Palomino Sabre 36QBOK-7.

The first weighing told me that I was under my truck’s ratings. The second weighing told me that I was under my camper’s ratings. The third weighing told me that my axles were carrying almost identical weights.

Here’s where things stand:

Truck’s GVWR12,300 pounds
Truck’s Weight (Unhitched)9,200 pounds
Truck’s Weight (Hitched)11,480 pounds
Truck’s Advertised Payload4,297 pounds
Truck’s Actual Payload3,100 pounds
GAWR Front5,500 pounds
Front Axle Weight (when hitched)5,220 pounds
GAWR Rear9,350 pounds
Rear Axle Weight (when hitched)6,260 pounds
Truck’s GCWR28,000 pounds
Truck and Camper’s Gross Weight23,040 pounds
Camper’s GVWR15,825 pounds
Camper’s Actual Weight13,860 pounds
Camper’s Pin Weight2,300 pounds
Camper’s Pin Weight Percentage16.5%

While I am fully within all of my weight ratings, this was an eye opening experience. A couple of important notes:

  • My family and I, our stuff, our truck accessories and hitch all weigh close to 1,200 pounds! Mind blown.
  • I’m fairly close to my front axle weight rating of the truck (and that’s with the fifth wheel taking off 40 pounds from the front end).
  • On a dually, which I thought could pull anything – I’m within about 800 pounds of my gross vehicle weight rating when I am hitched up. I’ll be watching this closely as we start to carry some firewood and add more weight to the camper.
  • My pin weight percentage is significantly lower than I expected at 16.5% instead of the “standard” of 20-25%. My assumption is that this is due to the dual-slide bunkhouse in the back.

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