Hershey Highmeadows Campground, Hershey PA


First, let me open with- I’ve never stayed at Hershey Highmeadow Campground aka Hersheypark Camping Resort. This review is being written totally off of driving around the campground recently in their off-season. So, take it with a grain of salt. But really- why can’t I be an expert without actual experience? (grin)

The longest story shortest – it seemed like a nice campground, but you’re going to be very cozy with your neighbors 99% of the time. There were a few sites that had some privacy, but overall – it seems that the expectation (and why wouldn’t it be) is that you’re coming there simply for Hersheypark and aren’t going to spend gobs of time at your site.

Sites (gravel pads, varying levels of levelness)

Campground Map
Campground Map

Given that I didn’t actually stay at the campground and it was pretty empty (maybe a dozen rigs throughout the park), I’m going to have to guess at levelness of the sites. Truly, it seemed like it was all over the board- the big rig parking spots up front seemed to be pretty spot-on level. Some of the smaller sites appeared to be fairly unlevel side to side. And a few of the spots along the river were sloped front to back- almost to the point that a longer rig may have issues getting unhitched and still be able to lower the front end enough to get level. That said- of the campers that were there, I didn’t see a whole lot of level block action under any of the tires. So maybe my first impressions are off.

Most of the sites in the front “big rig” parking area appeared to be pull-throughs where most of the rest of the sites appeared to be back-ins.

Big Rig Friendly (mostly yes)

Carousel Circle (aka, their big rig area)
Carousel Circle (aka, their big rig area)

We drove through the campground in my 14′ Hyundai car, but I tried to make believe that I was in my almost-60′ combination. I didn’t encounter any turns that made me wonder if I would be able to make it. The roads and layout were all pretty thoughtful and well taken care of. However, other than the front area (closest to the road and entrance), big rig spots were few and far between – I would guess that we counted less than 5 that we would fit in the rear part of the campground. The front area were all pull-throughs and seemed like many had sewer hookups, but they were cozy. I would guess that our awning would be within feet of our neighbor.

Bathrooms and Showers (no clue)

We simply didn’t stop at any. About the only thing that I can say- the placement of them seemed like they were decently spaced around the campground.

Amenities (seemingly limited)

If I recall correctly, there was only a single playground back in the back area. There appeared to be 2 pools and by looking at Google Maps, I see a basketball court and what I assume is a sand pit for volley ball. There were a stream that ran through the campground and Swatara Creek ran behind of it. I must be missing some, as their website indicates more.

The biggest attraction though, is the shuttle to/from Hersheypark itself. I mean, really- why else are you here. (smile)

Cell Phone Service (fine)

I used my cell phone while at Hersheypark (Chocolate World, specifically) the day of our drive through and often times in the past. It works well on AT&T and I have no reason to believe that the campground would be any different.

Over-the-air TV Service & Cable (no clue on OTA TV; cable offered)

We saw cable hookups at some of the sites and I don’t see any reference to cable being an extra cost on the website. My guess is that it would be fine. For OTA TV, I think that Hershey is in relative proximity to the surrounding areas that broadcast TV that you would be fine there, too.

Camp Store (didn’t visit)

It’s a Hershey property- I’m sure it had all sorts of goodies. No clue about their camping and RVing stuff, though.

Overall Rating/Comments (3.5 out of 5 stars)

Shocking that I’d still throw a number out there when I haven’t stayed. My biggest complaint would be the closeness of the sites. It’s definitely a campground where the intention of it is that you’re not spending much time at your site and, instead, are visiting the campground. (In fact, reminds me much of J&D Campground near Knoebels which we stayed at last year.) But, overall- it was a pretty campground and it has the amenities that we would want- a campsite, full hookups and a pool. I’m sure shuttle to/from Hersheypark has to be very nice and convenient.


Hershey Highmeadow Campground aka Hersheypark Camping Resort
1200 Sweet St (formerly Matlack Rd)
Hummelstown, PA 17036
Reservations: 1.800.HERSHEY
Office: 717.534.8995


  1. I know! Being a ODW/TT member really spoils you. I was looking at week-long stays for Williamsburg (because I needed a week out last year) and was really surprised at what it costs to camp.

    It sure seemed like the shuttle was free. And you can't beat the convenience factor of being right at the park.

  2. We stayed there 5 nights last year and it was definitely NOT a destination campground, but a great, quick place to spend while going to Hershey Park. We arrived early evening on Saturday (should have been there earlier, but had a blowout and it took us about 3 hours to get that fixed and on our way.) and set up, went out and got some supplies (food) and then went to bed. We were in the front park. We drove through the other parts and those were specifically for tent campers, tents and other campers less than 20' in length. It was full when we were there.

    The campground was tight, with your neighbors about 10' away (if you both have slides). It was pretty easy to get in the sites (we stayed in the front place that is specifically for big rigs and has 50 amp). Most all of these are back-ins. On Sunday, we purchased our tickets to Hershey and along with these (as in the park), you get to visit the night before. We attended the park from 6pm – 10pm. On Monday morning, we awoke to chilly temps (50s into the low 60s) and decided that it was NOT a good day to go to a park with lots of water. Our children did use both pools on Sunday afternoon, one being a smaller kiddie type pool and the other was deep and large.

    If you purchase your tickets for Hershey Park there at the campground, you get a pretty significant discount (DH, who was over 55 was like $22 along with the kids).

    The wifi works good, water pressure was good, power was steady and everything worked great.

    The shuttle worked great. Pickup was steady with less than 20 minutes between each pickup. At closing each night, there were 2 or 3 buses, so the wait is not bad at all.

    I would definitely give it about a 4.2 – it would be a 5 except for the narrow, small sites.

  3. Fantastic comments, Donna! It sounds like it is a decent place to stay if you're in Hershey for the park. In fact, based on the sites and quality of services, that it reminds me of J&D Campground near Knoebels.


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