How to Remove Battery on a Sabre 36QBOK


Now that I have installed a battery disconnect switch, I don’t have a need to remove my battery. It just doesn’t get that cold (or at least for prolonged periods of time) here. But, since a lot of people remove their battery during the winterization process, here’s how to get to the battery to remove it:

  1. Get into the front storage hatch
  2. Find and lift the panel on the floor that lifts (if you’re anything like me, you have to move a bunch of things)
  3. Using a screw driver, remove the top of the battery box
  4. Using a socket wrench, disconnect each of the battery cables (be careful to not make contact with the wrench and the metal surrounding area)
  5. Lift/wrestle the battery out of the hole

Viola- your battery has been removed.


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