I-75 RV Park, Tifton, GA

I75 RV Park in Tifton, GA

We were traveling between Orlando, FL and Atlanta, GA. We didn’t want to make it in one haul as we had my mother-in-law in the truck with us and a long day of travel is just not comfortable enough. Being in the backseat between a big honking carseat and a pre-teen is “cozy”, at best. I knew that the I-75 RV Park was right about where we wanted- it was close to the highway and priced right, so it fit the bill. The only major downside is that it didn’t have a pool. If we stop early enough, I like having a pool at our overnight stops to sort of wash the stress and grime of travel away.

The Good

First and foremost, Brian and his wife are the managers of the campground. They are some of the nicest folks. Mandie spoke with the wife on the phone to make sure that they had space for us. And Brian met us as we pulled in. He followed me to the site, made sure I was settled in and then hung back until we were hooked up and had electric going for the air conditioner to start cooling the rig down. Standing in the hot hot sun, we laughed through our check-in process.

Friendly manager, easy parking (nice and level), and inexpensive ($27/night for a full hook-up site with cable) – it was a win. We had no issues with electric or water, but didn’t use the cable or sewer- I’m WAY too lazy for an overnight stop for them!

While we didn’t use them, we did take a walk and checked out the facilities. For a place this small, as expected, they were basic but looked clean and functional. They had laundry (washer + dryer) and bathrooms with showers. Garbage was a handful of home-style garbage cans around the park. Simple, but functional.

I75 RV Park Laundry and Bathhouse
Laundry & Bathhouse

The Negatives

First, it is generally big rig accessible- we didn’t have any issues getting around. All of spots are pull-throughs but only maybe just shy 55′ long. At our 60′ in length, we overhung on the front and rear. However, the manager let me stay hitched up. Chuckling, he told me that if someone hits me, they shouldn’t be driving and that I was his last expected arrival of the day. With that, it was good enough for me.

I75 RV Park - Truck Sticking Into Drive
Truck Poking Out the Front

Second, to say it is literally right off of the highway is an understatement. I could have literally stood in my site and thrown stones onto an exit ramp. My mother-in-law is a light sleeper and said she was pretty certain that some of the cars, trucks, and motorcycles were coming for her. Up front in our bedroom, our noisy A/C worked as a sound machine and Mandie and I didn’t hear a thing.

Showing I75 RV Park on Google Maps
As you can see, it’s literally next to the highway

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