Mini mod- Second shower head holder


I’m not unusually tall by any stretch of the imagination. I’m only 5-foot eleven. One of my beefs with many hotels that I’ve stayed at is that they seemed to want to save a few pennies per room and put in shower heads that come to my nose, or forehead, but certainly not above my head. Sad to say, in my gigantic 30″x50″ shower in the camper, I have the same issue. To wash my hair, I literally had to stoop under the shower head.

Second shower head holder
Second shower head holder

It was an annoyance that I dealt with for a full year before I finally picked up a shower head holder to mount above the one that came with the camper. We now have 2- “his” and “hers” if you like. Now I can shower standing up just like a real boy!


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