Mixing Hobbies – RVing and Model Trains


It’s always fun seeing what people do while they’re RVing – be it quilting, knitting, or even apparently playing with model trains as a recent thread came up on RV.net. In that thread, Dog Folks from Naples, FL mentioned that he has converted his dinette table into a homemade glass-topped enclosure for his N Scale model trains. I swapped emails with him because it sounded cool and he sent these pictures.

Dog Folks says that clearly it is a work in progress. He’s about 1/2 done with the layout with the main structures only. When he is done with that, Dog Folks will go back and insert all of the details like people, vehicles, signs, etc.

To accommodate the extra height of the table, he had to shorten the legs of the table and accepts that the top of the table is a little higher than normal. There are no clearance issues for sitting at the dinette.

And now, for the images!

Writing this post reminded me of our visit to Strasburg, PA this past April during our Spring Break at Circle M. While there, we visited The Choo Choo Barn in Strasburg, PA and really enjoyed ourselves. If you’re staying in Lancaster County, PA, it is well worth the visit.



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