My Camper has Two Sewer Hookups


My Sabre 36QBOK has a total of 5 waste water tanks and two sewer connections on the side of the camper. Cue scenes from RV… only now times TWO! Once I got down to business, it hasn’t been so bad. Here’s my setup.

From each of the sewer connections on the camper, I directly connect to a clear plastic elbow (kind of gross yes, but my dumping procedure has me flush with water until it’s just clear water running out and you can’t see that without a clear piece):

Clear Elbow

From the clear connection, I have hooked up my hoses. I carry two 20′ lengths and two 10′ lengths of hose. I actually wouldn’t mind carrying a pair of 5′ lengths to give me a little more flexibility:

Sewer Hose

I bring the hoses together using a wye (fancy talk for a “Y”). It has swiveling connectors which supposedly help (shrugs shoulders):


And that finally goes to my 90° adapter that connects to the site’s sewer connection. The one I have is nice because it twists and locks (if the site connection is threaded, of course). I bought mine as part of a “sewer kit” like this one:

Sewer Kit

About the only other thing that I’ve done was that I had to buy a sewer donut for some setups where the sewer connection isn’t threaded. You mash it in and then mash your hose/adapter through it. I’ve had nothing but bad luck with them, but they’re required some places.

Read more about my actual dumping procedure.


  1. Both our previous TT and now our new 5er had dual outlets. I use the same setup as you described and it has worked perfectly. When we dry camp (mostly State parks), we have a 22 gallon BlueBoy ("stuff" gets heavy).

  2. I've yet to use a BlueBoy. Heck, I have yet to use a dump station, surprisingly. 50 nights of camping each year this and last. But, whenever I haven't had full hookups, I've either not stayed long enough to need them or we had a honey run once. But, thanks for the confirmation that my setup makes sense. 🙂

  3. Thanks for the info, looks like Ill give that a try on the maiden voyage. The only thing that I would like to offer is to replace those accordion holders for the hose. They are a pain in the behind, I found that buying a couple of sections of cheap gutters works so much better.


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