Oxygenics Showerhead Mini-mod Review


Truth be told, I have longer hair than my wife, daughter and most women. It used to be a gloriously thick black mane, but now it’s more of a gloriously thick lots of gray and a lot less black mane. My wife’s hair is super thick (multi-shades of color courtesy of Loreal). This means that our camper’s shower experience needs to rival our home shower experience or we were going to be very sad.

I’m fairly certain that replacing our shower head happened after our first week-long trip in the camper. I had read about the Oxygenics showerheads online with great distrust that it was as glorious as people made it out to be (“it was so great, I bought another for my home!” read one anonymous reviewer). Skeptically, I installed it.

Oxygenics Spa Showerhead
Oxygenics Spa Showerhead

Truthfully, you can tell the showerhead is playing tricks with air to make you think that it’s putting out more water. And, also truthfully – it’s a decent shower. Better than I’ve had at friends and relatives and better than many hotels/inns that I have visited. I’m quite happy with the upgrade.

It sounds like the newer versions come with a water reducer/almost-stopper thing instead of an actual flow shut-off valve. I believe that the idea for this is to cut down on water usage, but not fully stop it to protect against scalding issues when you turn the water back on. My camper has the exact opposite, that trickle (and blast of water when you turn it back on) is icy cold.

I didn’t like that, so I first bought a shut-off shower valve. I started with a push-button type, but the button got in the way of being able to screw it all onto the shower faucet. The turn-type (that I linked to) doesn’t have the same issue and is easier to control with eyes closed and soapy fingers.

Final Verdict

100% must buy. The factory “spitter” is nothing compared to the Oxygenics Spa Showerhead. If you want to have a decent shower in your camper, this is a must have.


  1. I believed the hype about Oxygenetic and bought one before moving full time into my 5th wheel. Out of curiosity, I installed it on my apartment shower to test it out and was sadly disappointed. I think it would work better than most if only using the rv pump, but under regular water pressure from the park and an adjustable pressure regulator, I get a much better show with a residential style massage shower head. I can adjust it to conserve water, in addition to shutting the water off between soap ups. The Oxygenetic head just doesn’t cut it for me and I don’t understand why so many people rave about it


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