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I recently found myself at the Palomino Sabre (a Forest River company) factory checking on some repair work that was being done to my camper (which is a post for another day). While there, I met with both the warranty manager and plant manager quite a bit during the day. Towards the end of the day, after many of the workers had gone home, the warranty manager took me on a tour of the factory. We started with the building of walls, moved onto preparing the chassis and following along as they assembled the interior of the camper and built the walls up through finishing work. As a computer geek, it was really awesome to watch campers take shape.

Warranty testing
Warranty testing

After the manufacturing is done, the warranty department’s job kicks in. One thing that they do is test every piece of equipment sent back by dealers to verify its broken-ness. As explained, it helps keep dealers honest and is supposed to ensure/encourage them to more properly diagnose issues rather than just swapping parts out.


  1. Thanks for the tour. We are thinking about buying a 2013 palomino saber with the idea of living in a full-time next spring. In your opinion with the saber be suitable for full timing? Thank you very much appreciate your time

  2. My family and I have put many nights on this camper- 50 the first year, 50 the next year, and 100 the third year. In fact, we are currently living in ours as we are on an extended 14-month trip.

    I've kicked around the answer to your question if these campers are "full-time ready" or not. The major issues that we've had are:
    a) The one slide out has been prone to issues (2 factory returns for it alone)
    b) The 2 of leaf springs in the suspension have flattened out before we were completely loaded up
    c) The tires that came on it originally were terrible and the replacements that I bought didn't have a high enough carrying capacity to support the axles (same as what came on it originally).

    Minor stuff comes up here and there, but nothing to really ruin a day. There always seems to be something that needs tweaked or minorly fixed/adjusted. But from talking to other fulltimers- this seems to be the norm.

    We're running pretty heavy- right at GVWR and GAWR. But she handles pretty well and has supported us alright.


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