Product Review: Glowstep Revolution by Torklift

Glowstep Revolution Steps by Torklift

(Note, I received the Glowstep Revolution steps by Torklift in exchange for completing a survey about the product. At the time, I offered a blog post review but it wasn’t required in order for me to receive the steps. However, longest story shortest: I LOVE THEM!)

From the day I took ownership of it, I was aghast that my camper came with just 3 steps. There is/was absolutely no reason that it didn’t come with a set of 4 steps. My solution was to simply add an adjustable step to the bottom. The issues here are that the steps were still quite tall and adding the step to the bottom made them inconsistent height between each step. It worked but I wasn’t happy.

OEM Steps and Step Stool
Extra step for my steps – I don’t miss this at all!

For a while, I had pretty well decided on a set of quad-steps – likely those from Elkhart Tool and Die but I read issues with them being a little bouncy. To fix the bouncy, I was going to get two self-storing step supports (as I read that even with one, you still get some flex). All told, with 2 doors- the costs added up and I never did anything.

Fast-forward to about 7 months ago and I worked with Torklift to get the Glowstep Revolution steps. I’ve been holding onto this review for a while to use the steps in a variety of campsites and campgrounds. Again, longest story shortest: if you are considering steps, only consider these Glowstep Revolution steps; they’re that nice. By the time you buy other steps for slightly cheaper and add a pair of step supports, you’re at the same cost.

I was also able to lighten my load and got rid of one of the 2 safety steps that I was carrying. I kept the other for our outdoor kitchen.

Stable and Sturdy

Because the steps have a positive connection to the ground, there’s no bounce or flex as you step onto them. My wife tells me that with the old steps, she felt the need to hold onto the hand rail as she went up and down. With these new steps and the stability that they afford, she is significantly much more comfortable. This sentiment is echoed in Torklift’s marketing video.

Glowstep Revolution Steps at Front Door
Glowsteps at front door

Not being a “little guy”, I worried that the aluminum steps wouldn’t be sturdy enough for my family and I using them. After using them daily since getting them, I can safely say this concern is dispelled. I also had a buddy over who is somewhere over 350 lbs. and the steps had no issues.

That “Glow” Part

If we are leaving the camper and expect to return back after dark, we typically turn on the porch light so the “glow” part has been fairly lost on us. There have been a couple of occasions where we forgot and the “glow” on either side of the steps has been convenient. And, I guess if I boondocked more where I was concerned about usage of lights, this would be more important. They glow quite a long time and do show you were the steps are.


They also make a great picture frame!
They also make a great picture frame!

On my old steps, the sticky tape tread was lifting and starting to become unsightly. And, while it doesn’t apply to me (with no pets), there were holes in it that I’ve read of dogs toe nails getting caught in. Torklift took a different approach and molded in grooves on each step that they call “SureGrip”. These give great tread on each step and wet, sandy, or dry- I have yet to feel like the steps are slippery at all.

The downside to these “SureGrip” grooves is that fine particles get stuck in them. Sweeping the steps often turns into use the broom like a brush and really pushing down to get small stuff out. I’m actually kicking around keeping a little stiff-bristle brush in the basement for a quick cleaning.

Different Folding Mechanism

Clearly the steps are different than normal RV steps. Deploying the Glowsteps is a 2-3 step process. Torklift has a nice video on this and offers a nice Users Guide.

  1. You pull the steps out from their stowed position to find the spot for your top step. Unfortunately with our camper, we can only use 1 position all of the time. The others make for an uncomfortably tall first step.
  2. You then extend the steps outward.
  3. If needed, you adjust the foot height. I find that maybe 25-50% of the time, I need to adjust the bottom of the steps.

Because the steps are different, it means that the first time I have family or friends around who want to help- I have to explain how to use the steps. It’s not a big deal of course.

I try to be the one that puts the steps away (vs. my wife or daughter). Step #2 requires a little bit of strength. They can both do it, but it’s easier if I do.

I’ve found that my steps that are rear of the axles are getting gummed up with road grime. However, I’ve also not lubed the steps in any way (nor have I looked at the instructions for any kind of preventative maintenance that I’m supposed to be doing!).


Honestly, I’m not handy with tools and I opted to have these installed by the fine folks at Redlands Truck & RV. In general, I think most people who are a little handy could do it. My biggest hassle was dealing with the covered underbelly of the camper AND the wrap-around sides- I just didn’t have easy access to the backside of the bolts. I talked to the installing technician, he chuckled and said it wasn’t hard.

The owners/installation manual is online.


Steps at our rear door
Steps at our rear door

No product is perfect and the same is true here. As mentioned, the molded-in tread is a love/hate thing. On one hand, it gives great grip; on the other hand, it’s a bit of a hassle to clean.

On my rear steps, the pin to lock the steps in place for travel rubs against the side of the RV. It’s actually worn away the paint a bit in that spot. I was just reading a service bulletin that I might be able to adjust this.

After a while of use, we have found that the top latch doesn’t always latch fully. Again, reading service bulletins for this post has been great- it looks like that is adjustable.

And finally, I abhor spring buttons and that’s what they use for the feet. I don’t have a better solution, I really just dislike them that much so it goes down as a negative. (smile)


  1. I really like my new 4 step model. Installed them on my 5th wheel. Took me a little while to understand how to get the steps level but once I did, all was fine. My wife and I are in our 70’s and the solid feel of the steps makes us feel a lot safer. Due to health reasons, we are kind of stationary at the present so haven’t got to practice setting them up, in and out ETC. A neighbor installed them for me in about one hour. They weigh about half of what my old steps weighed. Only had them about a month but so far I am very happy with the product. I would recommend them to my friends. The shipping was fantastic, arrived very quickly.

  2. I could not be happier with my 4 step revolution steps that I purchased for my 2005 Landmark 5th wheel trailer. My neighbor installed them for me with very little help on my part. Very few tools were needed.
    Took a little over an hour. We feel very safe using these steps, love not having the spring in the bottom step. I love them, my wife loves them, my neighbors love them. Thanks for such a safe product. We are getting up there in age and need all the help and piece of mine we can get. THANK YOU



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