Product Review – Pin Box Cover by RV Safe Zone


One of my big concerns with getting a fifth wheel comes when we camp with friends who have kids my daughter’s age. It’s great to see them run around and play, but I’ve always been concerned that they’ll crack their heads on the fifth wheel pin and leak brain goo all over (especially if it got on my truck!).

I debated various DIY solutions with pool noodles or pipe-insulation and even wondered how I could use Minicel foam that I had laying around from kayaking projects. I went so far as considering a name plaque that hung from the pin box or a flower planter or something. This past year, at the RV show in Timonium, MD, I saw my solution- a purpose made pin box cover by RV Safe Zone.

I gasped a little at the $45 price tag and told myself now that I’d seen it, I would just make one up out of my excess foam. The more I walked around and happened to see a vendor actually have one mounted on a fifth wheel, the more I realized that I just wanted to buy it. I went back and sure enough, they’d sold out! Drat and daggers.

I finally bought one when my toilet was being replaced under warranty (water leak) and had it out this weekend. It’s cut so that it slides up the edge of the pin box coupler and then has Velcro on the rear to keep it attached nice and tight. It’s a little snug due to our pin box shroud, but it’s stayed on just fine for 3 days now. The only thing that isn’t covered is if you’re directly under the pin and stand straight up- but I’m more worried about a kid running into it from the side. Longevity- obviously I’m on my first trip with it, but there is a seasonal person 3 sites up and theirs looks it has been on a while. Looks quality.

We even did a test where my daughter intentionally hit her head on it. 🙂 No worries, the camper is fine!


  1. Foam-by-Mail, I've been meaning to review you all! I've ordered foam now twice from you guys and have been very happy with your service, prices and quality.

  2. Thank you very much for this review. I recently ran across this product, and they are sold via an RV dealer nearby. I'm a bit twitchy about the price, but will likely take the plunge.


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