Quick tip- baby proof screen door


Son at Camper WindowNow that junior is 1 and has started to be a little more mobile, we had to start thinking about baby-proofing the camper since we’ll spend a fair amount of time in it over the summer. Now, let me caveat this- I’m quite lax when it comes to this stuff, we aren’t excessive and have never hired “professional baby proofing” companies like some friends we had. But, there are a few dangers that need dealt with.

One of which is the screen door on the camper. We have the new fancy Lippert opener where you can open the screen without sliding the panel- you just push down on the circle which pushes down on the latch and open it goes. I also feel like if you push hard enough on the whole thing it’ll pop-open.

The idea, while not unique or my own, is very simple- after closing the screen door, open the sliding panel back open and fold your big grab handle over the door. If the screen door pops open, the handle will be there to block it. It’s easy to manipulate the big handle from inside- easy enough that my 9-year old can do it.

And, on day 1- it was tested. Little man reached up and grabbed the circle while Grandpa watched- sure enough, he got the door to open and it was blocked by the handle. Mission accomplished!


  1. OMG THANK YOU THANK YOU! Our son is now 26 months & for the last 2 years we have been trying to figure out HOW to stop him from opening the screen door. We have been placing his play yard folded up in front of it but had to move it every time we came in or out & we couldn't use his play yard outside to block off an area for him to play in. NEVER even thought about folding in the handle!


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