Quick Tip – Clearance lights on at the campsite


When I was at the Sabre factory, they had all of the clearance and side market lights lit up on the campers in the production line. This was something that I have seen at campgrounds and thought there was some utility to it. The trick is that you bridge the two “top” pins (technically #3 and #4) on the 7-way connector.

Lighting Etiquette

There are varying schools of thoughts for camp ranging from the extreme of minimal lighting to the extreme of maximum lighting on all night. On forums, you’d be amazed that this can be hotly debated. Before you get your hackles up, remember that we all have our own experiences:

“I know there are some light haters out there. My campsite is lit up at night while eating due to the dear girlfriend’s vision issues. I rather have extra light than her getting hurt. Just remember, there are others who cannot see as well as you do.”

You have to find the happy medium for you and what seems appropriate for the campground around you. For me, I try to have lights out at dark and that includes going up to pull the fuse from the pin.


  1. I did not see an unoccupied fire pit. My shin is still not the same. But everything else healed. I know how it is in dark campgrounds
    Oh and my vision is fine. This was a year ago.

    • Absolutely! And headlights (like flashlights) so that you can work with your hands. Invaluable for those times when you have to hookup at night.

  2. Why would you want to do this? There are such things as gas lanterns, flash lights, and even battery operated lanterns that would light even better than the lights on your camp trailer. Other light sources are much better than a few parking lights.

  3. you never heard of motion detecting night lights-
    they only go on when there is motion( people )
    and they stay on as long as there is motion detected
    and then they go out-they come in various strength-
    and can light up a small area or 2 or 3 of them could light up a campsite-


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