Ramblin’ Pines, Woodbine, MD

Girls riding scooters
Daughter and her friend

This trip was a brave and a little anxious trip for me. I was still relatively new to my fifth wheel and worse, I was taking my daughter and her friend camping on my own without my wife! This campground was only 25-30 minutes away from our house, so it was a nice close getaway. It was a decent place, but I’ll know to ask for better sites when I return. Their big rig/front row wasn’t shaded, had a great view of their paved RV storage lot and were really cozy between the sites. Lastly, I feel like they nickle and dime you on the fairly high overnight price.

Sites (pretty varied; I was on level gravel pad and grass site)

Camp Site 1
My “FR” site

The “FR” (for “front row”) sites that I was on had gravel parking pads and grass “yards”. As I mentioned above, they were really cozy with your neighbors. I think they put “big rigs” on these sites- especially for transient folks. We walked the campground a bit over the weekend and found a variety of sites- everything else was extremely shaded with trees (would have preferred that) with gravel parking pads, but no grass due to the shade. They had some nice sized pull through sites (A1-A7, but they seemed to be fairly unlevel front to back). If I go back, I’ll definitely request one of these spots.

They had really strange water hookups! Each water hookup was inside of a 12″-16″ tube that dug down into the ground about 2′ and was above the ground 6″ – 8″ above the ground. It was topped off with a 2″ thick cement “cap” of sorts. The water faucet was elevated inside of that but it was still a few inches below ground level. To hookup, I all but had to lay on the ground to really reach down and get it hooked up. I opted to go without the “wye” that I typically use due to the awkwardness of getting to it.

The water, electric and sewer hookups were at the very rear of the campsite. The firepit was at the very front, almost out at the road.

Big Rig Friendly? (Yes)

The campground really seemed like it had good room for moving around the campground in a big rig. As I said above, it seems like they push the big rigs to their “front row” sites. But there were other spots throughout the campground that would work. There would be more, but there seemed to be a good bit of seasonal folks with the best sites.

Bathrooms and Showers (Didn’t use)

To be honest, I don’t even think I stuck my head into one. I know the girls used the bathhouse at the pool and the friend’s mom went into one to retrieve the girls. She didn’t come out gagging or yucking, so it must have been passable.

Amenities (Handful, but costs extra)

The pool was clean and fun

What I remember seeing was the pool, minigolf and jumping pillow. The jumping pillow costed a couple of bucks ($3, I think) for the weekend per person. It was fun and my daughter enjoyed it. Weather came through so we didn’t get a whole lot of usage but it was fun while it lasted (I’ll admit- I cheated and jumped with her!). The pool was smaller, but clean and not frigid. The girls played minigolf- I’m not remembering if they charged extra for it or not. There were a couple of small playgrounds around the campground when we walked.

I don’t recall the state of WiFi or if we even tried to use it.

Cell Phone Service (Fine)

You’re just outside of a suburban area. I had plenty of AT&T service for anything that I needed. I’m not sure if being back in the trees made a difference.

Over-the-air TV Service & Cable (Over-the-air was fine; cable costed extra)

As was the general vein of this campground, the cable did cost extra and it seemed like it was only 10-12 channels. I didn’t pay for it or try it. As before, being just outside of an urban area the over-the-air TV service was fine.

Camp Store (Sufficient/average)

The camp store was pretty average. It had the necessities and it had ice cream- so we were happy! I sent the girls with $10 and they had no issue spending it unchecked. But, that’s what little girls do.

Overall Rating/Comments (2.5 out of 5 stars)

Jumping pillow
Jumping pillow

The nickle and diming feeling was hard to shake – the base rate was $50/night (then, seems to be $55/night for 2013) for 2 adults and that’s it. I got charged $5/night for the extra kid that was along. For a family of 4, that’s an extra $10/night simply to show up. The cable was extra, the jumping pillow was extra, the minigolf was extra (I think). Couple the charges with the really strange water hookup at the site and it really took a hit.

I know some people have commented about the rudeness of the staff. I did not experience that – two folks came with me to park the camper and did fine with helping me back it in. The other folks that I interacted with were fine.


Ramblin’ Pines

801 Hoods Mill Road
Woodbine, Md 21797


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