RV Trip Planning Client

You’re here because you’ve signed up to be a RV Trip Planning client. For that, we thank you!

If you’re having us make your RV reservations, please print this Credit Card Authorization Form out, complete & sign it, and then send it back to the Learn To RV Trip Planners (via text is the most secure, send it to 443-799-3706).

Thumbnail of credit card authorization form
Download the Credit Card Authorization Form

As a Reminder

The RV trip planning fee includes your trip planner making the plan, defining stops, and picking stay locations but does not include making reservations. We will work with you to pick out locations and types of parks based on agreed upon preferences.

Reservations can be optionally made on your behalf. The service fee for this is 15% of the nightly cost before taxes. The reservations are made in your name and are your reservation. Regardless of who makes the reservations, and and all change or cancellation fees are the client’s responsibility.

If your RV Trip Planner is making your reservations, be sure to let them know what clubs & memberships you have so that we can use those to save you money! We’ll need to know which membership it is and your membership #.

Terms & Conditions

Travel agent fees are non-refundable once trip planning begins. Trip planner doesn’t make any guarantees or promises about selected RV parks or their facilities/amenities. Trip planner does their best to pick parks with the client’s preferences in mind. Trip planner will not be held liable for anything that occurs as the client executes the plan.