A first look at the new Thousand Trails Escape membership

Thousand Trails - Escape Membership

Thousand Trails has come out with a new Escape Membership. Let’s talk about what it is and what it isn’t.

Thousand Trails - Escape Membership Info

The Escape Membership serves as a convenient middle ground between the camping pass and the Elite membership. Similar to the Camping Pass, it divides the country into zones (see a map of the zones and the parks included in each), allowing you to purchase the desired number of zones. This is particularly advantageous for individuals who primarily camp within one or two zones, such as locals, weekenders, or snowbirds. However, like the Elite Membership, it requires an initial buy-in and entails yearly dues.

The standout feature of the Escape Membership is its extended 90-day booking window, in contrast to the 60-day window offered by the Camping Pass. This additional time can make a significant difference when it comes to securing reservations in popular destinations.

Similar to the Camping Pass, the Escape Membership is limited to 14-day stays, and you must spend at least 7 nights outside the Thousand Trails/Trails Collection system before returning.

In addition to the 90 day booking window, a nice little perk is a 1-week cabin stay, valid for up to 2 years.

Coupled with Trails Collection, this can be a great way to get out regularly or spend a winter where it’s warm!

Download Escape Membership Flyer

LearnToRV has obtained an exclusive discount for our readers, followers, and group members. To learn more, reach out to Mike Yum at 469-934-0043, via email at Michael_Yum@equitylifestyle.com, or by filling out this contact form. Pricing before the discount is as follows: 1 zone for $2,995, 2 zones for $4,995, 3 zones for $5,995, or 4 zones for $6,995. However, it’s worth considering the Elite membership once you reach 3 zones, as it offers numerous additional benefits.

I hope this helps. As I said, this is a very new offering and I haven’t seen anything out there on it yet.


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