Truck Mod: DeeZee Tailgate Assist – must have!


The DeeZee Tailgate Assist helps lower your truck tailgate in a controlled fashion. You can literally open the latch and let it fall and it slowly lowers itself into the open position. In my humble (ok, maybe not so humble) opinion, every truck in the history of ever should have this.

First, let me bore you with their cheesy infomercial:

The tailgate was a hazard as my then 8 year old daughter always wanted to help. I had this rational fear that she was going to open it up, lose control and get clobbered. It never happened, but the niceness and convenience of the tailgate assist is too hard to dismiss. New trucks come with torsion bars for helping to lift the tailgate, why not a shock like this for lowering it?

Installation – simple

This is one of those, it’s so simple even I can do it. I’ll admit, I waited for a weekend when I had my Dad there in case I got dumb and needed help, but it really was easy. Their instructions were written at my level (read: idiot-level). My only questions that I had were how much thread locker to use when reinstalling one of the bolts (Dad said to use just a line across on side of the bolt).

My Only Issue

The truck tailgate rests a hair out from the side of the truck on the side of the shock. It’s not enough to let water intrude and you really have to look for it to see it, but I see it. It’s not nearly enough to persuade me to uninstall it.

Run Out And Buy It – it’s that nice

Well maybe order it from Amazon.


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