Breaking News! New Thousand Trails Membership Explained

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Thousand Trails was instrumental in our family getting into RVing. Then after weekending for 3 years, our family became Fulltimers. Each year, we save a ton of money by having a Thousand Trails membership. So, now that they’re coming out with a new membership, I’m curious if it’s worth spending my hard-earned money!

This information came from my friend, Mike Yum, a Thousand Trails membership specialist. Please reach out to him if you have any specific questions by contacting him at / 469-934-0043 or by filling out this form (click here!) and ask about the special Learn to RV discount!

Disclaimer: filling out the form gets you an exclusive discount up to $500 depending on the membership/upgrade/whatnot and gets me a small referral bonus.

If you more information about Thousand Trails or would like information on all of their memberships, check out our Thousand Trails Info Center.

Adventure Upgrade

The highlights of the new program are:

  • 180 day advanced reservation window
  • 21 day stays and you can go directly from one park to the another
  • Able to extend 4 non-high use weeks at $29/week
  • Able to extend 2 weeks high use at $99/week (per year)
  • 1 week per year complimentary standard cabin rental rebate for 5 years
  • Rent a getaway cabin for $60/night
  • 1 free week in a Getaway Cabin per year for 10 years
  • Access to Resort Parks International
  • Access to Trails Collection or Trails Collection Plus

Trails Collection Plus

A couple of years ago, Thousand Trails introduced the Trails Collection add-on to your membership. Basically, it allows you to access 100+ Encore parks; most were free per night but a handful were $20/night.

The new Trails Collection Plus is honestly pretty exciting:

  • 21 day stays (up from 14)
  • Park-to-park in the Trails Collection system (previously, you had to be out for 1 week)
  • 90 day advanced booking window (up from 60 days)
  • Pro-rated cost for the first year to match your contract year

For fulltimers, the new Trails Collection Plus is fantastic versus the existing Trails Collection program. That 90 day booking window will be huge for popular locations and the ability to go park-to-park opens up travel in ways that weren’t previously possible.

It’s important to note that to be a member of the Trails Collection Plus, you must first purchase a Thousand Trails Adventure Membership (or upgrade).

But, At What Cost?

Thousand Trails is pushing new sign ups for the new programs and are offering exclusive deals. As well, if you’re an existing member, you’ll be able to essentially “trade-in” your existing membership. Your best bet is going to be to contact Mike for details for your specific situation.

One of the things that was important when we first decided on our Elite upgrade for Thousand Trails was that they offered a financing program. It was nice being able to spread out the cost of the membership over time. Each month that I made a payment, I would calculate how much my per night cost in the system was and then calculated how much I saved if I had spent $40/night at a non-membership park. There was never a month that the system didn’t pay for itself.

And now that it’s paid off, we just have our dues and the Trails Collection add-on cost. We pay for ours annually and just plan for it in our budget, but they also offer a monthly payment option for those. For fulltimers, it’s going to save you money.

Have Questions?

I’m no expert, though I have used Thousand Trails since I started RVing back in 2011. Heck, it’s a large part of WHY we bought our first pop-up camper. I can try to answer any questions that you have, but you’re best bet is going to be contacting Mike Yum, an actual membership specialist. I know Mike and know that he’s not going to be a high pressure salesman.

Reach out to him at / 469-934-0043 or by filling out this form (click here!).



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