Understanding my Automatic Propane Changeover


I have to admit- I’ve owned my fifth wheel since July of last year, have camped in it for over 50 nights and it wasn’t until I ran out of propane AGAIN did I start to get an understanding of my automatic changeover and what information is was trying to convey to me.

Here’s how the Automatic Propane Changeover Works

  1. The small arrow points to whichever tank the indicator is reflecting (that’s the little colored spot in the center)
  2. When the tank has propane, the indicator is green
  3. When the tank has no propane, the indicator is yellow
  4. The automatic changeover does just that- when the tank it is pointing to runs out of propane, it changes internally to the other one (the arrow doesn’t move to the opposite tank – I mistakenly thought it did)
  5. You should periodically check this indicator and fill the empty tank before the other runs out (seems obvious, but I’m slow)



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