Visit to the Flight 93 Memorial


This summer on our way to Kenisee Lake for July 4, we split the drive into two days and made a stop near the Flight 93 Memorial in Shanksville, PA. As with everything that trip, we had mishaps and almost missed the memorial due to a crazy route due to my GPS, but we made it.

The Flight 93 Memorial was incredible. The did and amazing job on it. It was educational and emotional. I strongly recommend everyone make the time to visit it if you’re anywhere near it.

The site included pictorial signs that talked about September 11th, 2001. They also had a website guide that you could load with audio information that we were enthralled by. We actually ran out of time to listen to them all.

Information sign at Flight 93 Memorial
Reading about the timeline of the day

The memorial itself was inspiring. My daughter didn’t understand why my wife and I were crying- much like when I was a child with my grandmother at the Holocaust Museum. The impact of that day came back.

Note: a travel warning for GPS users. Our GPS wanted to take us to the backside of the memorial, far away from where the actual entrance was. Either verify your GPS with a paper map or just follow the well-posted signs.


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