Ditch the little bottles- upgrade your Weber Q

Ditch the little green bottles for your Weber Q or Coleman RoadTrip

I blogged before about the Best Grill for RVing and shared that my choice was the Weber Q 2000. One of the things that I disliked about this grill was using the little green 1 lb. bottles of propane. I continually had issues getting the threading started and they always felt wasteful when I’m already carrying 60 lbs. of propane.

I read a few posts online about how to remove the regulator but the answers were always “assemble this collection of parts” or “go to a BBQ place and have this custom-made”. I’ll be honest, the former is above my pay grade. I am a sissy when it comes to dealing with gas (well, except for the “post chili” sort, but let’s not talk about that!). In my experience with other DIY projects, I felt like the latter would leave me in a store with my grill and a very confused employee.

Torjik Converta-Q 12′ Hose Kit

Fortunately, there are ready-made kits for Weber Q and Coleman RoadTrip grills. A company with a funky name, Torjik, makes them. They are aptly named the Converta-Q and Converta-C.

Note: I received a free 12′ hose kit from Torjik in exchange for an honest review. I don’t let the free status sway my opinion and keep my posts honest. 



Disclaimer aside, this is really an excellent kit. It comes with everything that you need for the installation, up to and including joint compound for getting a leak-free fit and leak check fluid to ensure you don’t have leaks blow yourself up on first use!

I’ve been using this kit for the past 6 months and am absolutely giddy each time I use it. With not buying the 1 lb. bottles of propane, I’m sure this has paid for itself time and again as we grill 2-4 times a week.


The pros are simple to see: you ditch the annoying green bottles and gain the simplicity of quick connects. Quick connects are love. The installation was dead simple.

Weber Q connected to RV using quick-connect

Pricing-wise, it’s $50-60 depending on the length of hose you want (8′ or 12′). Once you factor in the hose, quick connect hardware, joint compound, and leak-check, it’s not a whole lot different from piecing it together. You can probably beat the price, but for people like me who like the idea of a put-together off-the-shelf kit, you can’t beat the peace of mind.

Somewhere in the Middle

This might be obvious, but you now have a grill that is only usable on a camper’s low pressure system. So if you want to tailgate with your grill, you can’t use the little green bottles without buying (or making) their Reverta-Q kit. For me, it’s a passable trade-off as 99% of the time, my grill is used at my camper.

Flame on Weber Q
after Torjik Converta-Q
kit installed

I’m not sure if it’s a PRO or a CON, but the grill runs hotter off of the low-pressure LP system on the camper. For some this might be a PRO, but for me it’s a CON. I typically try to grill on a fairly low heat and this makes that more difficult. But, maybe higher heat is better for grill masters (which I definitely don’t hold that title!).



There are a couple of cons. Clearly, you’re now tethered to your camper by a hose (though different lengths are offered). This limits where you can put the grill on your campsite. Fortunately in my 6 months of use and 25+ campgrounds in that time, this hasn’t proven to be an issue anywhere that we wanted to use the grill.

Next, the area of the grill where the regulator was and quick connect now is feels like there is a lot of give. Having the regulator there really firmed up the feel in that area where you would connect the green bottles. I try to make sure I’m holding the grill end of the quick connect to make sure that I’m not pushing on the grill’s internal parts while connecting. The times that my daughter hooks this up, I am not certain she’s quite as gentle. I doubt it’ll be an issue, but I worry a little about long-term impacts on the grill.


Installation is easy. The included instructions are a single page but definitely sufficient and I also watched the videos on the Torjik site just to double-check what I thought I knew. The videos are only about 6 minutes long, but were well worth the time spent. A buddy and I completed the conversion one afternoon at the campground while the kids played and my wife was socializing with his wife.

Other Torjik Products

For homeowners who have and use Weber Q but don’t have a quick connect/low pressure system, Torjik makes a QUICK-TANK quick connect to bulk tank adapter. This lets you use a standard 20 lb bottle and adapts it immediately to a quick connect. You can ditch the green bottles and still have your most excellent Weber Q grill.

Torjik Converta-Q
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  1. I did this th my Q 2000 with out the kit Then I added a quick connect to the old regulator with the small bottle connection so I can switch it back when needed.


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