Weighed Again – still all OK!


I weighed by Sabre 36QBOK just prior to our last trip. The trip was to have us gone for 3 weeks where we would camp near the beach (at Sea Pines Outdoor World/Thousand Trails) for 2 of them and then we’d spend a week at a beach house with the camper in storage.

I figure, short of living in the camper, we were about as full as we’ll get in both the truck and camper itself. For instance, the truck bed was as filled as it has ever been with stuff in front of, beside of and behind the hitch!

We also had my mother-in-law with us. So that made for 3 adults and 2 kids in the truck. As well as the extra bit of clothes, food and whatnot in the camper. Unlike the last weighing, we had:

  • 1/3-1/2 tank of freshwater
  • full water heater
  • full propane tanks (2 x 30 lb. tanks)
  • groceries for a week
  • our usual/quite a bit of drinking water (2 cases of bottled water; 3 x 2.5 gallon jugs of water)
  • our usual/limited soda pop and alcohol
  • all of our beach goodies
  • a new 12×12 EZ-up + screens for it
  • 3 bikes, a trike for the baby and a second stroller
  • awning support poles

Truck and Trailer Weight

Weigh Slip - Both Truck and Trailer

Truck Only Weight

Weigh Slip - Truck only

Math Summary

* Missing from the weights above is about 70-80 pounds of diesel fuel. I had used up approximately 10-11 gallons of diesel fuel and hadn’t topped off the fuel tank before weighing. I’ll add that into the calculations below.

Truck Weight when Hitched Up:
5,300 + 6,660 + 7512,035 pounds

Pin Weight:
(5,300 + 6,600) – 9,4202,540 pounds

Camper Weight:
12,280 + 2,54014,820 pounds

Pin Weight Percentage:
2,540 / 14,820 = 17%

(Note: hover over any number above to see a description of it.)

To be honest, I really wondered if I was going to be over on GVWR of the truck (12,300). It’s getting closer, but I’m still not there. I have 250 pounds to go. (smiley)

As before, I’m still under axle weights (front and rear of the truck and both on the camper) and tire load capacities (truck and camper). For the camper, I still have a good 1,000 pounds of more crap that we can add. I just can’t imagine putting that much more stuff in here- I don’t know where it would go!


  1. Hi. While searching the net, I found your site because I'm interested in buying a Sabre 36QBOK and I was looking for specs. You did a very good job checking your weight… but you forgot the GVWR of the fifth wheel! On the Palomino site, they say it is 14 666 lbs, so you would be a bit over this… maybe the specs on the site are not good? Also, I was wondering if you weighted your fifth wheel with nothing in it (just to figure out how much weight you have in). Thanks for your help, it will surely be helpfull for me!

  2. fortin69 –

    My camper's GVWR is 15,825 pounds. I'm surprised that it has been de-rated. 14,666 almost seems like they're calculating it with 6,000 pound axles (but the 7,000 pound axles are a mandatory option; or they used to be, at least). Here's my sticker from the camper:

    I did weigh completely empty just before a factory return (which I still totally need to blog about). You can read about that in this post:

    I found that my dry pin weight was pretty close to accurate. But my dry weight was a few hundred pounds heavy. Which makes sense as I opted for the solid surface countertops, electric jacks, etc.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!


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