Where to get weighed? No, not you- your truck and camper!


A lot of people know that they should get weighed, but don’t know where to go. Here are some ideas for that:

  • CAT Scale (aka truck stops) – many truck stops along the highways have scales. The CAT Scale company is one of the providers of the scales themselves to the fuel stations that offer them. Generally it is $10 for the first weighing and free to $3 for each additional weighing within a 24-hour period.
  • Some states leave the scales on when weigh stations are closed – unfortunately, MD is not in that category. I’d have to bust through a barricade movie-style.
  • Dumps have them – though you’ll get weird and strange looks. I’ve had my curiosity satisfied by using a legitimate trip to the dump to get a weighing for just my truck.
  • Bulk agricultural (like for grain/feed) and landscape supply places may have them.
  • If all else fails, ask on a forum and you’ll get lots of opinions…

Good luck!


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