Roadmaster Nighthawk Tow Bar – illuminated is better

The tailgating Jeep. This is a guest post by Ken B. Ken is a guy who can never stop tinkering. He started with a travel...



Shake, shake, shake – RV Stabilization

As campers get longer and suspensions improve, there are more and more issues of movement inside the camper. At our 42', I can tell...


Understanding my Automatic Propane Changeover

I have to admit- I've owned my fifth wheel since July of last year, have camped in it for over 50 nights and it...


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Mobile Internet on the Road

It's always fun to watch RVing forums when people talk about having Internet on the go. You get the staunch camp on one side-...

Victron Battery Monitor

With my battery upgrade, one of the most important pieces was the battery monitor so that I could quickly and accurately see the state...
Andersen Ultimate Fifth Wheel Connection installed in truck bed

Andersen Ultimate Fifth Wheel Connection

This is the second in a 3-part series about hitches. Make sure you read the first installment about B&W fifth wheel hitch offerings. B&W...

Tire Woes – first a nail and now a bubble

It's been a bad stretch for my tires. Just prior to my last trip, I was checking air pressure in my 10 tires (willfully...
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