Clearsource RV Water Filter Review

Whether you drink the water from your RV or only use it for brushing teeth and showering, being able to trust the...



Let’s Boondock! Battery upgrade (to lithium)!

Have you ever seen a picture where there's a camper in the middle of nowhere- no neighbors that you can see or hear? Usually...


Hot Apple Pie – sweet alcohol

Now that we're fully in the Thanksgiving swing of things, a drink called the Hot Apple Pie only seems appropriate. It's very sweet because...
TST TPMS Color Monitor and new Sensor Style

How to use your TPMS

How I Negotiated for my RV


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Camping Themed Birthday Cake – Roo 233S

On the Forest River Forums, there was a post about a Roo 233S Birthday Cake that was simply fantastic. It was posted by user...

Dry Weights & Truth in Advertising

Yes, I'm a little obsessive about weighing. Not because I think I'm over- mostly because I'm curious and this is like a new toy/game...

How I Negotiated for my RV

Let me start - I HATE (yes uppercase, bold, italics and underlined HATE) negotiating prices. I don't enjoy it like my mother did; talking...

Torque Specs for B&W Companion

For the B&W Model 3000 Companion, the torque specs are as follows: RV Pivot Arms = 80 ft. lbs. Draw-down bolt on the base = 40...
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