Andersen Ultimate Fifth Wheel Connection

This is the second in a 3-part series about hitches. Make sure you read the first installment about B&W fifth wheel hitch offerings. B&W...



What Surge Protector is best for my RV?

A common question on RV forums and RVing Facebook groups is “what surge protector should I get?” and the simplest answer is, none. That...


What can I tow? A real world example

My in-laws have gone camping with us a few times these past couple of years and have gone to the RV shows with us...

How I Negotiated for my RV


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What Can I Tow Calculators

On my page, "What Can I Tow?", I introduce 2 methods for figuring out how much you can tow with your truck/SUV and stay...

Wood Brick Fuel – first thoughts

In a previous post, I wrote about my conundrum for having firewood for fires - in short, due to bugs and pests, transporting it...

Tips and Tricks to Backing Up

I think the most daunting task for most RVers is the idea of backing their camper into a site. Sure, there are the few...

Screen Door Cover Babyproofing Mod

Little man wants to see everything going on around- to the point that he'll push his head into the screen to get it to...
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